Air travelers are being told to expect marathon lines at airports this summer.

There are some possible solutions. One of which is Chuck Schumer's idea of adding more search dogs to airport security queues to hasten security screenings.

Though this idea may help, those in the know say a shortage of TSA staffers is responsible for the epic lines travelers are facing across the nation.

Dan Ronan (LinkedIn Profile Photo)

Aviation and travel expert Dan Ronan spoke with Bernadette Lee on Acadiana's Morning News to discuss what changes have to be made to alleviate the long queues at airports.

Ronan said the search dogs may be a good idea, but adding the K-9 units will not replace the process of going through metal detectors and having our carry-ons checked, etc. So, in the long run, there are other fixes that need to be considered.

Travelers may not see the long lines at smaller regional airports, Ronan said, but Hartsfield in Atlanta, O'Hare in Chicago and JFK in NYC have terminals where snaking lines are becoming an issue.

Ronan offered the following tips for avoiding the long lines at airport security checpoints.

Fly local. Choose a smaller regional airport in your area to fly from rather than the bustling international airports. Security screening lines are smaller at smaller airports. Once you go through security at a local airport, you do not have to repeat the process once you get to a larger air travel hub.

Explore the TSA's Pre-Check Program. If you are more than a casual traveler, this program is a lifesaver, Ronan said. TSA Pre-Check will allow you to skip steps like taking your laptops out of your carry-ons, taking off your shoes and/or jackets, etc. at the security counters.

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