An Alabama man heard an earful from a judge while getting his sentence for rubbing his genitals on an unconscious LSU fan in a Bourbon Street  restaurant after the BCS national title game in January. Brian Downing, of Smiths Station, Ala., was sentenced to two years.

A video was taken of the whole incident, and that video then went viral.  State District Judge Karen Herman told Downing that he is a bully. She says he permanently damaged the life of his victim.

Downing told the judge before his sentencing that he had nothing to say. He pleaded guilty in October to two counts of obscenity.

Downing's attorney, Michael Kennedy, says this ordeal has been a nightmare for him.

"This was a regrettable mistake," Kennedy says. "This was not an example of his character and his normal day-to-day life. And obviously it's had very negative effects for Brian and for his wife, his son, his entire family, their friends."

Prosecutors dropped a charge of sexual battery, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Downing will not be forced to register as a sex offender, a point which Kennedy says was very important to his client because he has a one-year-old child.

"He could never go to parent-teacher conferences," Kennedy says. "He could never go to a Little League game. That was too big of a risk. While his son will not remember that daddy went to jail for ten months, he would remember if something went wrong and his father was never able to be there."

The incident took place last January after Alabama defeated LSU at the Superdome to claim the BCS title.