In a display of complete immature, ignorant and reckless stupidity, a handful of Alabama students tweeted out a picture today that reads "Finish What Katrina Started", complete with the Alabama "A" positioned cutely in the word Started.

It's important to remember, these are the actions of a small few, and in no way reflect or represent the student body as a whole.

Along with the picture, the caption "Shots Fired" are also included in the disgusting tweet.

Heisman trophy front runner and LSU RB Leonard Fournette is a New Orleans native. I'm not sure offending him and giving him any more fuel for the LSU vs Alabama rivalry is really such a good idea, boys.

I've screen capped the gross tweet and put it below for you to see. I'm not supposed to. Instead, I'm supposed to embed the tweet. I'm choosing to break policy because if I embedded the tweet and these idiots delete it, it would disappear from this story. I'm choosing to break policy because I want to make certain you get to see this disgusting act of disrespect and lack of humanity. I want everyone to be able to see the faces of these horrible wastes of air.

Oldrowofficial via Twitter