I am in a state of shock.  The IRS has actually apologized for wasting tax-payer money to produce two training videos.  The videos wasted approximately $70,000 of our money to spoof 'Star Trek' and 'Gilligan's Island' to train IRS employees.

The agency apologized in a statement:

The IRS recognizes and takes seriously our obligation to be good stewards of government resources and taxpayer dollars…There is no mistaking that this video did not reflect the best stewardship of resources.

If the IRS takes seriously it's obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, my question is why are employees of the IRS the largest group of tax dodgers in the nation?  IRS employees owe more money in unpaid taxes than any other group in the country but in their apology they say they take seriously their obligation to be good stewards of our money.  Thank God they don't think it's theirs to waste as they please!

In the 'Star Trek' parody video a Russian character says back in Russia he dreamed of being rich and famous while another character agrees and says that's why he became a public servant.  In these economic times government employees are wasting our money and insulting us at the same time.

Sure the IRS did apologize and also said the “Star Trek” video was really a

Well-intentioned, light hearted introduction to an important conference during a difficult period for the IRS.

What difficult period for the IRS?  The period where they have to figure more ways to dodge taxes that we have to pay?  These people need a serious reality check.  Let's make them pay all their back-taxes and fines along with the money they wasted on these two 'training' videos.  Some jail time might be appropriate for both the unpaid taxes and the amateurish videos.