This weekend we observe Memorial Day, a day to reflect upon those souls that were lost defending our country.

One day, out of 365, specifically set aside to honor our fallen war heroes.

Think, just for a moment, of how your life may be different if not for the sacrifices of a few.  When I say "few", this is what I mean:  since the American Revolutionary War, we have lost over 1.3 million service members - definitely not a few, but in the grand scheme of things, only a "few" serve; less than 10% of Americans.  Less than 10% of Americans, some of them first-generation immigrants, have worked to keep the 90% free.  Think about that for a moment.

As you enjoy your boat, barbeque, baseballs games, road trip and 3 day weekend, please take a few moments, as a family or gathering of friends, to ponder the lives of those that have been lost, and to thank them for your freedoms.

All of our veterans gave something, some of them gave everything.   This weekend is about those that gave all.  Let's not let that sacrifice be for naught.


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