Incredibly busy week on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' so we have a few stories we could not fit in but we thought you'd want to check out.

How many "top priorities" can one man have?  18 of them if you are Barack Obama and giving speeches in 18 different places.  Watch this montage to find out what they are.

Former President Bill Clinton wants Hillary to divulge more at the Bengahzi, Libya attack even though it might scuttle Obama's chance for re-election.

What did President Obama call Mitt Romney that we can say on KPEL?  It was in a Rolling Stone interview quoted on The Blaze.

CNN says "whoops" and pulls article about female voting patterns.

President Obama in a Denver campaign speech said "I want wind turbines manufactured here in China".

The Obama campaign on Thursday released an ad titled “Lena Dunham: Your First Time.”

First: Who? Second: What?  This ad equates voting for Obama is like losing your virginity!  Watch in disbelief.