One year ago today, Alton Sterling was fatally shot at a Baton Rouge convenience store during a confrontation with two white police officers, resulting in riots, protests, a federal investigation, and even an ambush on Baton Rouge police. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says many are disappointed there is still no resolution in this case, as residents in his district are crying out for justice.

“It just depends on what justice is for you, some folks want at least one of the officers fired, at least an indictment and or a conviction.

The federal investigation did not bring forth any charges against officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake. State charges could be filed after Attorney General Jeff Landry conducts his investigation into the incident. But James says that could be another six months at least.

“It looks like it’s not a priority and I know that there may be other issues going on and the AG said last week, he hadn’t even started his portion of the investigation.”

Salamoni’s attorney John McLindon says it’s been a rough year for his client. But he says Salamoni has received a lot of support because he did what he had to do.

“He wasn’t happy about having to do that but Alton Sterling had his hand on a loaded gun so Blane did what his training allowed him to do and what the law allows him to do.”

McLindon says Salamoni and his family are also ready for a conclusion to this. He says they’ve offered to help the AG any way they can in the state investigation.

“I don’t know how you’re going to get more thorough than the federal government, the Department of Justice and I think once they do their investigation, they’re going to reach the same conclusion that there was no criminal activity here.”