I think the Amber Alert is a great tool for law enforcement but that tool should not be prostituted to make money for a company.  In addition to the money involved the aggravation of the "robo-calls" makes this pet Amber alert incredibly repugnant.

Recently I was awakened from a much needed midday nap by a "Pet Amber Alert" for a pet lost in my area.  Having just woken up I hear "Amber Alert" and I'm thinking I should pay attention because a child's life might be in danger.  The voice on the call then tells me a brown "markie" has been lost and if I see the dog I should call this local number.  By this time I am extremely aggravated by the rude awakening and the use of the name "Pet Amber Alert".

I went on-line and did a search for "Pet Amber Alert dot com" and found the site and discovered that people can use the site for a fee to recover lost pets.

The Amber Alert system was devised to help rescue children who were abducted and I think using the name Amber Alert to help rescue pets cheapens and degrades the intent of the original program.  I am all for helping people recover their pets as I have had a pet runaway but this takes it too far.

I did not sign up for a program that will allow someone to make calls to my house to rescue pets for a fee.  I wrote an e-mail to "Pet Amber Alert" and told them to remove my name and phone number from their call-out list.  In addition I told them I would report them to the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission and the Louisiana Attorney General's office for their unwanted calls.  I would hope I could entice you to do the same.

Finding a lost pet is important to the owner but that pet in no way equates to the life of a child.