Update: The Monroe Regional Airport is open at this hour, according to the News Star. There were threats of a bomb on an American Eagle plane there that landed this morning, apparently written on a note. No suspects have been identified in the incident and no device was found on the plane.

Update: The plane in question has been emptied of passengers and crew, has been isolated and is being searched.

All flights into Monroe Airport are being diverted; arriving and departing flights are  suspended. A note was reportedly found on the plane, indicating a bomb was on board.


A bomb threat note has forced an American Airlines plane to land at the Monroe Regional Airport.

According to thetowntalk.com, the plane is currently in isolation while necessary protocol is handled regarding the 18 passengers plus the crew that's on board. They are all being evacuated and taken to a hangar. After this process is completed, the FBI will step in and board the plane to investigate.

The plane was scheduled to arrive from Dallas at 10:26 a.m. Meanwhile, all air traffic is being diverted to Jackson, Mississippi.