[OPINION] Politics aside, does anyone agree that this is a little much? Chelsea Clinton and her husband, backed by parents Bill and Hillary Clinton, introduced their new baby Aidan to their closest friends and family members. And by that, I mean they paraded the baby out of the grand entrance of the New York City hospital where she was born. As a dad, I can't imagine my wife ever agreeing to walk out in front of cameras. In reality, most moms want to be wheeled out under the covered hospital driveway and buckled in next to the new baby. The husband's most important duty is to avoid the bumps on the drive home.

Photo: Alessio Botticelli/Getty Images

The photo op looked eerily similar to the "unveiling" Prince William and Duchess Kate staged out side of the Lido Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London. Reporters and photographers camped out for more than a week waiting for them to emerge. Should someone remind the Clintons that they are not the Royal family? Just my opinion, Rob Kirkpatrick.

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