The FBI is investigating a series of Amish beard cuttings, but the Amish, for the most part are not talking.  Someone has been breaking into Amish homes in Ohio. 

The FBI is looking into a recent wave of Amish-on-Amish crime in eastern Ohio. is reporting that five men have been arrested for allegedly breaking into Myron Miller's home earlier this month and cutting off parts of his beard. 

 The suspects are believed to be a part of a rogue Amish group fronted by a man named Sam Mullet.  Several similar attacks have taken place in other Ohio counties, although no other arrests appear to be likely because the victims haven't pressed charges.

Mullet denies being the cause of these recent beard attacks, and when asked about the allegations he asked, quote, "Beard cutting is a crime, is it?"

That is a wild story, and it reminds of Weird Al Yankovic