The push is on for more federal dollars to assist in flood recovery. Governor John Bel Edwards has requested Congress pass a two billion dollar federal aid package. LSU Political Science Professor Robert Hogan says Louisiana’s Congressional delegation will face some difficulty, because three of our members voted against a Superstorm Sandy relief package.

Hogan says party politics could also play a factor.

“A mostly republican state, one that has not been supportive of President Obama in past elections, however at the same time, you have a governor who is a democratic governor asking for support.”

Hogan says House Minority Whip Steve Scalise plays a critical role in Louisiana’s efforts, because of his leadership position. But he says Louisiana’s request could run into some resistance from a Republican-controlled Congress.

“One of the difficulties here of course is that republicans have been generally less supportive of this sort of emergency aid to states in recovery efforts.”

Hogan says other areas of the country have also dealt with significant flooding, which could result in Congressional leaders approving a financial aid package that helps multiple states. But he says time is a factor with Congress taking a recess at the end of the month for the November election.