A political analyst says embattled Secretary of State Tom Schedler might not be able to stay in office much longer as the sexual harassment allegations against him will not go away. Bernie Pinsonat says published emails showing sexual advances by Schedler towards an employee could lead to his resignation.

"It could be the end of his political career. So we'll see but it's probably a matter of time until Schedler gives up the ship and resigns."
Pinsonat says it's also difficult for Schedler to stay in office, when U-S Senator John Kennedy believes the Secretary of State should step down.
"By Kennedy asking for him to resign is huge because Kennedy is really the top republican in Louisiana. it certainly hurts Schelder's case."
Schedler has previously said he will not resign, but this will be his last term. The Republican statewide elected official says it's important for him to continue running the agency that handles elections, because they are in the process of buying new voting equipment. But Pinsonat says Schedler's time might be up.
"It doesn't matter how important he is, if he is marred down in a controversy he can't do his job no matter what he says. Schedler's in serious trouble."