I know that we all have problems, but this one takes the cake and the fork!  Wow!  So, my stomach hurts.....maybe I should tell the doctor about that fork I swallowed a while back!!!

40-year-old Lee Gardner was taken to a h0spital in the U.K. after he started having stomach pains and vomiting some blood.  In a BBC article he said he swallowed it while "messing around."  Oh yeah?

He told the doctors he accidentally swallowed the disposable fork, and at that time, a doctor told him it would just goes through his system on its own, so he forgot all about it.  Ugh!!!!!!!!! And this dude believed that??? What was he thinking?  I ain't buying that, are you?

So he suddenly remembered the fork after they scoped his stomach.  How do you forget that?

Here is what he had to tell the BBC, "While they were looking inside me with the camera, the doctor said, 'Are you sure you've not swallowed anything?' I said no but when he asked again, 'Are you sure? I can see prongs of what appears to be a fork,’ I remembered accidentally swallowing one years and years ago.”

The doctors said it caused him to bleed because the fork caused an ulcer. "Lee is extremely lucky that the fork hasn't caused more damage, but we are confident he will make a full recovery,” consultant general surgeon Dr. Hanis Shiwani told BBC News.

All I can say is that I can't see myself waiting for something to just "pass through naturally".  If I swallow a fork, plastic or otherwise, I am going to the doctor!