Election day won't come until November 7th but already pollsters are beginning to size up the races that matter to you. In the race to replace Congressman Charles Boustany in Louisiana's 3rd District a recent poll shows another Republican is leading the way.

The poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group puts Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle at the top of the list. Former lawman turned politician Clay Higgins has the second most support. The results of the survey showed that 39% of respondents supported Angelle while 18% indicated support for Higgins.

Probably nobody could name more than one or two candidates running in the first place. So early polls like this are just a snapshot and nothing more.

Those are the comments of University of Louisiana Political Science Professor Pearson Cross. His view was published in a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Cross also observed that nearly one quarter of the 800 respondents indicated that they had yet to make up their mind on a particular candidate.

Cross believes that Higgins support is a direct result of his work with Crime Stoppers and the viral videos that series produced.

Clay Higgins is benefiting by the publicity that he’s had. His name recognition is probably higher than anyone except Scott Angelle. In an early poll like this, name recognition is everything.

Other candidates receiving support in this poll were Greg Ellison who polled 8% of the attention from voters. Brett Geymann showed 5% support in this poll. All other announced candidates received 3% or less.