"Mornings With Ken and Bernie" featured another segment of "Winging It Wednesday where panelists duke it out of issues of the day.  Today's guest included Carol Ross, Raymond LaLonde and Mike Stagg.  The topics included:

  • The parliament in Afghanistan demanding to have a trial for the man who is accused of gunning down 16 civilians in the country, and most of the victims were women and children. Then government officials here decided to issue a warning to any citizens in Afghanistan to warn them that revenge could be taken on those from the United States.
  • Rick Santorum won the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama last night, but voters are still split with a new CBS News/"New York Times" poll with Mitt Romney tied for the lead with Rick Santorum.
  • The latest poll by the Washington Post and ABC shows 65-percent of people they spoke to say  they disapprove of the President's handling of gas prices.  Fifty-two percent say they "strongly" disapprove and only 26-percent approve.

The conversation between panelists and the callers about Afghanistan was very heated.