Today another 10 miles of I-49 North was opened from U.S. 71 to the Arkansas State line by Governor Bobby Jindal. It's estimated that 10,000 commuters will travel the $113 million project on a daily basis. Nine of eleven segments of the I-49 expansion are currently open and the remaining five miles will be completed soon.

Governor Jindal said,

The I-49 corridor represents an important infrastructure link not only for Louisiana and Arkansas, but also for the nation's transportation network. In addition to increased efficiency for local industries that are dependent upon trucking, this connector will encourage more economic development for our state.

Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development said,

The opening of these ten miles of interstate through North Louisiana that connects with Arkansas marks a milestone in the development of the I-49 corridor. This new infrastructure will provide a new gateway to Louisiana via Arkansas, making it more accessible to the rest of the country and promoting economic growth.