It has almost been two years since the Macondo well blew causing a huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Since then things have changed for fishermen, oil workers, oil companies, service companies, residents and more.  Congressman Jeff Landry of New Iberia tells "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" that the fallout from the oil spill was bad enough, but restrictions and Obama Administration mandates almost killed the oil and gas industry in South Louisiana.  Landry has continued to ask for subpoenas for any documents relating to the moratorium to know what happened, as Landry contends the effects of that are still being felt on Louisiana's economy.  He also worries for the future of the industry.  He says,

"The amount of money this administration has poured into green projects and the amount of taxpayer dollars that has been wasted on the Solyndras and the likes to the tune of billions of dollars, you start to wonder if the moratorium wasn't part and parcel of a plan that this administration has to drive up high gas prices in order to try to make these green energy projects....uh profitable and cost effective."

On the other issue of the Secret Service officials were were sent home from Columbia after a scandal involving prostitutes, Landry says, "it's certainly an embarrassment not only to the President, but to the country as a whole, those guys should be fired."  The Pentagon is now investigating the scandal after a Secret Service agent assigned to guard President Obama while he was attending the Summit of the Americas fought with, and then refused to pay a prostitute.

Landry also took a minute to comment over the situation with a very lavish meeting for the General Services Administration that took place in 2010.  The Vegas trip cost taxpayers over $800,000 dollars.  Landry says, "That is in itself, a systemic problem how this federal government wastes our taxpayer money.  To hear the full interview with Congressman Jeff Landry, click below: