When the dust settles, Tom Benson's estranged heirs will be very wealthy people, no matter how the rest of the saga plays out. The aging  billionaire set up irrevocable trust funds for his daughter Renee, and grandchildren Rita & Ryan LeBlanc over a decade ago. The  Saints & Pelicans owner fired them from their jobs with the family businesses last year, and sought to change his succession plan for ownership of the sports franchises. The trusts are irrevocable, but their contents can be replaced with assets of equal value. Mr. Benson sued to replace non voting shares in the Saints & Pelicans with other assets. The trustees moved to block the substitution. The Times Picayune reports, U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo ruled on Monday, MR. Benson had unilateral power to make the changes. The moves don't require approval from the NFL, or the NBA.