The New England Patriots acted swiftly in the case of Aaron Hernandez, releasing him within two hours after his arrest on murder charges.

Now another player has been arrested and while the charge isn't nearly as serious, it's not the first time this player has been in trouble.

Cornerback Alfonso Dennard  was placed under arrest Thursday morning in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He is charged with driving under the influence.

It's not the first time the 24 year old has had problems with the law.  Seven days before the 2012 NFL draft, the Big Ten defensive back of the year was arrested on felony assault on a police officer.

He received probation at the time of the sentencing this past March, but now will serve a 30 day sentence.  At the time of his sentencing, he apologized publicly to coaches, family and police.

The incident caused Dennard to slip in the draft from a potential second or third rounder all the way to the seventh round.

Given the Hernandez situation and this being the second issue for Dennard, it will be interesting to see how the Patriots respond, according to's Mike Reiss.