I really thought Governor Bobby Jindal said he would streamline government when he took office the first time.  Obviously he forgot and the second time around is even worse.

I would like an explanation in one hundred words or less why we had to go out of state to hire an Education Superintendent at a salary of $275,000 who then hires a press secretary.  Within months of landing in Louisiana John White starts "Louisiana Believes" and travels the state to explain what it is.  His office has a press secretary sending out volumes of press releases telling us where he'll be and what he will say.  Then Mr. White hires a public relations person at a cost of $12,000 per month!  Isn't the press secretary capable of crafting a few more documents?  Is nobody else in John White's office capable of carrying out the duties of the new press secretary?  There must be someone else with time on their hands and a college degree on the wall.

$12,000 a month is the salary for this public relations person who has a contract for four months.  That $12,000 figure is $1,167 more than Governor Jindal makes per month!  Governor Jindal only makes $130,000 yearly.  If you extend the public relations persons contract to 12 months you come up with a figure of $144,000 yearly.

Speaking of press releases here's an excerpt from one I recently received.

"Louisiana Believes is based on the belief that all students can achieve academic success, and that those closest to students - parents and teachers, not bureaucrats - should be empowered to make decisions to support the success of their students," said White. "If we are going to empower educators and parents to make change for their children, it's critical that they lead us in the plan's implementation. We must have their input and insight every step of the way as we enact change."

"Under the Louisiana Believes plan, the state is raising academic standards, expanding educational choices to families, and empowering teachers with the tools to ensure each student is on track to succeed in college and professional careers. Louisiana schools are adopting Common Core State Standards, using the Compass system to provide teacher feedback. Also, every high school will offer AP courses, and the state will invest in training large numbers of teachers to start AP programs at their schools. Course Choice will expand workforce training in the work setting, and the expanded Scholarship program will provide alternatives to families with students in struggling schools. The state is also designing a system of uniform academic standards for all early childhood programs."

I read these releases and want to scream.  I've heard the word "empower" enough to make me puke!  Quit the selling of the program and teach the kids how to read and write so they can communicate.  Teach them what they need to get a job.

We don't need a public relations person for someone with a press secretary.  Now that John White has created this temporary position at $12,000 a month how many years will that position be filled?

I'm disappointed in Governor Jindal and not enthused with Secretary John White.

By the way, does anyone know which state Governor Jindal is in today?