After being initially voted down, Louisiana Senator Dan. Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, reintroduced his anti-drone bill and received enough votes to pass through the senate.

Claitor's anti-drone bill, named the Deterrence of Reconnaissance Over Noncriminal Entities, or DRONE Act, seeks to protect the privacy of citizens by prohibiting government and private entities from conducting surveillance on private property with drones. The bill would also forbid the sale or publication of drone images taken on private property.

The drones in question are radio controlled flying quadrotor helicopters with cameras attached that are used to take aerial photos and can be purchased for around $400.

The bill includes about 18 exceptions for circumstances in which drone usage is lawful, including law enforcement during catastrophes, agricultural surveying, movie and television filming, and model airplanes.

After passing the Senate the bill now heads to the House for consideration.