The Tiger Truck Stop nestled on the west side of Baton Rouge's Mississippi River bridge has become locally famous for being home to a live Bengal tiger named Tony, but the days of the tiger residing at the truck stop may be numbered.

This week the State of Louisiana Court of Appeal will hear arguments in the case of the Tiger Truck Stop of Baton Rouge. The court will determine whether or not to uphold a previous decision by Judge Michael Caldwell who found the permit granted to the truck stop by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries unlawful.

Truck stop owner Michael Sandlin has been vocal throughout the ordeal, creating a Save Tony Petition as well as, a website dedicated to "saving Tony" from "unscrupulous activists". The website features a seven minute documentary entitled Lies About Tony (featured below) which details the tiger's habitat and home life as well as numerous pictures and descriptions of the tiger.

Lies About Tony

The court will take up the appeal Sunday.