One of my Jeeper friends posted some advice on Facebook today about waiting for a response from FEMA before you begin to rebuild.

Facebook/michelle cannon

Had they not waited for the response, they would have started to repair the damage, and that may prevented them from getting the proper amount of help from FEMA.

The adjuster mentioned in the image above said that it is important for the him to see the damage BEFORE any repairs are made.  You can pull out the damaged materials, but DO NOT rebuild until the adjuster can verify how much rebuilding will need to take place.

The other advice that is being offered online seems to be of importance: log EVERYTHING, including dates and times, if possible!  Video of damage, still photos of damage, photos of appliances (with serial number if possible), images of damaged carpet, walls, cars, floors, furniture - basically, document everything!  It can only help when the time comes for the adjuster to verify the damage.

Keep all receipts, and label them accordingly.  Keep track of time spent working on the the damage..  Keep track of time spent sleeping at someone else's home. Keep track of everything: if the adjusters don't need it, you'll have it to pass along to others who may need advice on how to proceed if they are faced with a similar situation.

(Facebook/Michelle Cannon)