On this edition of "Wingin' It Wednesday" Carol Ross was the lone wolf in the studio while panelists Mike Stagg and Warren Caudle joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" over the phone. Panelists discussed the local Carencro High schoolboard controversy, the chances of a national budget coming out of congress, and whether or not racism is a factor in criticism Governor Bloomberg's initiatives.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. A student teacher at Carencro High School was removed from campus by principal Ken Roebuck because of comments Derrick Comeaux made concerning how he might deal with a threatening student. Do you think Principal Roebuck's action was justified?

Carol started us off:

It's one thing right after another. I congratulate the Carencro mom who came out in support of Roebuck. I congratulate the Abby Breaux and the teachers. I've heard complaints year after year that the biggest problems teachers face is the discipline that's gotten worse and worse.
This right now it's a he said/he said in terms of legality so it's hard to know just what went on, but we had that troubling release of confidential information that we don't know where it came from. Things are not doing real well in our school system. They're coming back with another turnaround plan, and every plan has a price tag.

Warren Caudle added:

I'm not sure what exactly transpired in that thing with the student teacher. I know the discipline thing is the number one problem in all of education. I don't know who was right or who was wrong, but we need to take a serious look at discipline. To me, discipline needs to be the number one factor in everything. I think we need to segregate kids according to who behaves and who doesn't, and if we did that we'd solve about 90 percent of our problems in education.

Mike Stagg countered:

Simplistic is as simplistic does. Discipline has always been an issue in school, but you gain nothing by throwing this kids out of the school system. Teachers turn these school board meetings into reality shows when they come in to tell their sob stories, shut up and do your work.These kids have to get an education. It's your job to educate them. You chose the profession. Buck up and do your job. Learn how to control the classroom. If your only option is to get physical with them then you are not ready to be a classroom teacher.
Everyone has a right to an education, but teachers need to get a grip on the way they're behaving right now.


Warren Caudle, Carol Ross, Mike Stagg; KPEL 96.5

2. Early Saturday morning theSenate passed its first budget in four years. When Congress returns at the beginning of April, the Senate budget goes to the GOP-controlled House, which has already passed on party lines a plan presented by Paul Ryan. Do you think we have a chance of actually passing a budget?

Warren commented:

I have no earthly idea, the budget is supposed to start in the house and the Senate confers. It's not in any of their best interest to pass a budget. I think they love to do the continuing resolution so that they can just pile in as much stuff as they want to and blame everyone else for it.
The question is will we see a real budget come out of there? Probably not, we haven't seen a real budget in decades.

Carol responded:

The GOP plan at least balances the budget in 10 years without raising taxes and spends less than originally budgets.
The Democrats want another trillion dollars on top of Obamas already $1.3 trillion in tax hikes.
If Shakespeare is right and all past is prologue then the President's budget is dead on arrival anyway in both houses again. Will their be a deal? I doubt it. There's no incentive.

Carol surmised:

Probably not because between the Ryan budget which not even conservatives like and whatever Harry Reid manages to get through the Senate, neither are based in reality or has any chance of surviving the distortions of the other side. We'll end up with a continuing resolution.
The congress is broken right now.  

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