Louisiana State Police Troop I spokesperson Trooper Hammons encouraged anyone drinking alcohol to do the responsible thing and designate a driver so that they were not endangering the lives of themselves or others.

During "Ask the Trooper" on the "Nathan & Bernie in the Morning," Hammons said "if you don't want to get arrested for DWI; if you don't want to be listed in that "Arrested" section of the newspaper and have your photo on the Internet and everything else, the simplest thing to do is make sure you designate a driver."

Hammons said programs like the Designated Driver tent at Patty in the Parc "effectively remove [drivers] from a situation where they would even be tempted to have a drink," but he also said drivers needed to be responsible and not succumb to peer pressure to have a drink.

"If you are of age, being able to consume alcohol is a right that you have," Hammons said. "The part where it becomes dangerous and even life-threatening is when a person actually gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking."

"Make sure that you have a plan in place," Hammons added. "Have a plan to make sure that you have a designated driver."

Hammons also discussed whether or not it was legal to tow a vehicle on the interstate with a rope or chain and also what a you should do if you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

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