Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Troy Hebert fired a veteran supervisor with the department after finding out about text messages that were found on his state-issued cell phone.

Hebert says Brette Tingle is also accussed of falsifying payroll documents. They determined his documents didn't match the GPS reports coming from his state vehicle.

Hebert says there were several texted exchanges that he calls "disturbing".

They have released this sample of text exchanges between Brette Tingle and a former ATC employee:

· Former ATC employee: "I hate fu**ing ni**ers!!!"
· Brette Tingle: "Me too!!!"
· Brette Tingle: "Scourge of the earth!!!"

Discussing the resignation of an agent of Middle Eastern descent:

· Former ATC Agent: "Where is he going?"
· Brette Tingle: "Not in law enforcement. Said something spiritual. Probably joining the Jihad."
· Former ATC Agent: "Yikes. Maybe he'll suicide bomb maniac's (Commissioner Hebert's) office"
· Brette Tingle: "I'm hoping!!!"

When a former ATC Agent under his command requested sick leave because of her pregnancy, Tingle responded:

· Brette Tingle: "Get […] to perform some oral stimulation on you. That always helps […] on a rainy day!..."
· Brette Tingle: "I feel you! If I had something attached to my uterus I would pass as well."

Tingle also referred to two African American agents as a "fu**ing loser" and a "stupid bit**."

Commissioner Hebert said,

"This type of behavior will not be tolerated at ATC. It jeopardizes ATC's creditability, as well as ATC's ability to serve everyone in the state fairly and impartially. The good people at ATC have worked too hard and have accomplished too much to let the actions of a few tarnish all the good that has been done at this Agency."

Hebert says Tingle claimed to have worked 37 days out of 55, but that didn't match the GPS report which showed his vehicle was actually home at the time he was suppossedly working.

Hebert says there are also other reasons why Tingle was fired including:

  • Failure to Follow Directives
  • Improper Recordation of an ATC Employee
  • Unauthorized Secondary Employment
  • Avoidance of Discipline
  • Lying to a Supervisor

Hebert adds in his press release, "Certain recently discovered information is being sent to Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies to determine if any criminal statues were violated."