ATC (Alcohol, Tobacco Control) Commissioner Troy Hebert joined Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin on 'Go Acadiana' to discuss liquor licenses and moratoriums on various licenses.

We asked Hebert if he could elaborate on the liquor license for a new establishment opening in downtown Lafayette and whether it would have to conform to moratorium restrictions. Hebert replied,

I'm not familiar with the application for the 'Pie Hole'. I do know that moratoriums are put in place across the state by local governing bodies and it is my understanding that Lafayette has a moratorium on the downtown area.

Hebert went on to say,

In order to sell alcohol legally in Louisiana you have to not only have a state permit but a local permit. So sometimes the State may actually issue an alcohol permit again based on the rules and guidelines that we have but the location can't get one locally because of a moratorium or the distance from a church or school.

Dr. Sutherlin asked Commissioner Hebert if he realized some of the challenges he would face moving from the Legislature to the enforcement side of State government. According to Hebert,

It is a little ironic because I used to make the laws and now I have to enforce them. And I didn't realize some of the laws I actually voted on and today I have to enforce them. Sometimes I question my vote.

You can hear all of Commissioner Hebert's comments by clicking the blue arrow below: