The Atlanta Falcons have been fined $350,000 by the NFL and will lose a fifth-round draft pick for piping in fake crowd noise for the past two seasons.

According to, the league has taken away the Falcons fifth-round pick in the 2016 draft. If they have multiple picks in that round, the highest pick will be forfeited.

The Falcons former director of event marketing, Roddy White (not the receiver), was the person determined to be responsible for the fake crowd noise—and though he is no longer with the organization, if he gets a similar job with another team, he may be held to "all, or some" of an eight week suspension.

Team president Rich McKay has also been suspended from competition committee beginning April 1, and will not be eligible to be reinstated until June 30.

Team president Rich McKay will be suspended from competition committee starting on April 1, and can't be reinstated until June 30.

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