The thought of Atlanta playing and winning the Super Bowl in the Superdome makes me ill!  The Falcons have denied the Saints of so many opportunities it really nauseates me to think they could be playing the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

I was so excited to see Seattle come back from 20 points down today I thought maybe the Falcons would be fricassee....but no they had to come back!  Who is the clown that called "time out" as Atlanta kicked the field goal?  The missed field goal was the clincher I thought, but then confusion set in as the Falcons got a second chance....always a bad idea to try to ice a kicker.  Kickers have ice water flowing in their veins!

What an up and down adrenalin rush!  Great game...horrible outcome.

If the Falcons make it to the Super Bowl I will not be watching for the first time ever.  Can you tell I have no use for the Falcons?  I hope their feathers get singed so badly they don't see the inside of the Dome except on a big-screen in some cheap bar.

Maybe next year with the dynamic duo (Brees and Payton) back together we can get back to winning or at least beating the Falcons at every opportunity.