You really should be very careful when you are answering someone's questions over the internet, at your front door, over the telephone or anywhere, for that matter.  Atmos Energy says they have been made aware of a scam that is being tried in Louisiana. Unfortunately for some people, the scam is working, and their information is being compromised.

Atmos Energy sells natural gas to customers in twelve different states throughout America. Today, the company has been busy trying to get the word out to their customers that President Barack Obama will not be paying their bills.  It is just another scheme.

The company says that some of their customers have been contacted as part of the scheme, and they are told that President Obama is either providing credits or directly paying utility bills.  Obviously, Atmos says that is absolutely not the case, and these people involved in the scheme are just working an angle to try to get those customers to turn over personal information to them.  Atmos reminds their customers not to give out personal information to anyone.

Atmos Energy's spokeswoman Jennifer Ryan says they have received complaints from customers that someone calls saying that their bill will be credited or even paid completely.  The problem, she says, is that the scammers are then asking that person to give them their Social Security number.  Turning over that number to someone who does not have good intentions could get you into a situation where your identity has been stolen.  Scammers can then charge things in your name, leave debts behind, and steal money from any accounts you may have.

Ryan wants to remind customers that their energy company, Atmos, never contacts customers to ask for personal information.  She adds that they their "workers always carry proper identification".

The company says many other customers in a variety of states could also be targeted by scammers.  They have more than 3 million customers, not only the thousands in Louisiana, but also in Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and Mississippi.