The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is warning parents, children and interested citizens about an attempted abduction near a bus stop early yesterday morning.

Sheriff's deputies are still working to get a sketch of the suspect, and they hope to have that later today.  In the meantime, investigators are still interviewing the victim and the bus driver.

Deputies say they want residents to be pay attention to their surroundings.  In particular, they want everyone to be aware of any suspicious activity at or near bus stops.  They also point out that you should be aware and make your children aware of their surroundings if they are every in an isolated area.

The 14-year-old boy was at his bus stop waiting for the driver to get there, when a man drove up in a car.  The boy says the man tried to get him to get in his car by claiming that "school was cancelled".  The boy did not get in the car, and the bus showed up.  Deputies say when the bus driver showed up, the man drove away.

We will have more details today as they become available.