LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- The attorney for the man accused of shooting three teens last weekend, killing one of them, has asked a district judge to reduce his client's bail.

18-year-old Seth Fontenot was arrested and charged Sunday with one count of first degree murder and two counts of attempted first degree murder.

Fontenot was being held in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on a total bond of one million dollars. His attorney, Thomas Guilbeau, is asking the court to reduce that bond to $25,000, $12,500 for each of the counts of second degree murder.

Bond has not yet been set on the first degree murder charge.

"The proof is not evident and the presumption is not great that the defendant is guilty of first degree murder or attempted first degree murder," Guilbeau stated in his court filing.

"Seth Fontenot is an 18-year-old college student who shows that he is financially unable to raise the funds necessary to make the bail presently fixed," Guilbeau continues. "[Fontenot] feels that with the help of his family he will be able to make a $25,000 bail regarding the two counts...and, therefore, respectfully requests that his bail be reduced as such."

Fontenot allegedly shot and killed 15-year-old Austin Rivault and injured two other teens. According to friends close to the family, they were dropping off a friend at his home in the Green Meadow Drive area.