Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the Assumption Parish sinkhole in Bayou Corne, and leaders say many residents have moved on -- but there are some who don't want to let go. John Boudreaux is the Emergency Preparedness Director at Assumption Parish. He says this has been an unprecedented event.

"It's been going on for quite some time and continues," said Boudreaux. "There is still a voluntary evacuation order in place for a portion of the area."

The horrific environmental disaster is still affecting the community. Boudreaux says this is one of those situations that you never think could happen to you, but a reminder about why it's so important to always been prepared for anything.

"We've learned how important it is to communicate and bring issues to the table with regard to emergency response," said Boudreaux.

Boudreaux says most residents are pleased with their settlements from Texas Brine and have established their lives elsewhere, but there are still about 15 who remain in the area.

He says 4 years ago they were working hard to figure out where this strange bubbling was coming from, and had no idea it was anything along the lines of this massive sinkhole.

"The sinkhole changed quite a bit that August 3rd date," said Boudreaux. "And then finally folks got a handle on what was happening because there were two months of a lot of confusion and unknowns."