Brandon and Bernie were joined this morning by Robyn Blackwell, president of the Autism Society of Acadiana. Blackwell discussed a presentation being offered tonight by the Autism Society dealing with safety issues for children and adults with autism.

The program will be presented by Dennis Debbaudt at the South Regional Branch of the Lafayette Public Library and will begin at 630 PM. Debbaudt is the leading global authority on autism training for law enforcement and emergency responders. The program will feature insights and recommendations for dealing with children and adults in the autism spectrum in ways that can avoid escalations and crisis situations.

As Blackwell explained, 'safety issues for people with autism is a serious issue. Understanding and communication is key to avoid misunderstandings.'

Blackwell also explained the importance of proper understanding and communication with someone in the autism spectrum. 'Understanding and communication are key to avoid misunderstandings. Someone with autism’s brain is wired differently. They have a difficult time understanding subtext, attach meaning to certain words, don’t understand sarcasm, don’t get subtlety, understand social rules, and have difficulty navigating social situations.'

To learn more about tonight's event as well as what local law enforcement officials will discuss during their meeting with Debbaudt tomorrow, click the image above.