I've noticed this phenomenon in other parts of the country before but today I was struck by a wave of great service.  It seems like when the economy tanks or is in a very bad downswing, businesses have training classes for employees.

Without naming names I'd like to tell you about three stops on the way home that left me stunned.

  • First I went to my local cable provider and was greeted at the door by a representative that led me to the counter where I was introduced to the person that would ultimately solve my problem.
  • Secondly I stopped by an oil change/tire store we frequent to have an oil change.  The staff here is usually rather friendly but today it seems like they went into overdrive.
  • My last stop was at a fast food drive through.  I was asked to pull up while they completed my order.  After approximately two minute a young lady came out with my food, thanked me for waiting and apologized for the wait.

Wow!  I saw this same type of behavior after a hurricane near Gulf Shores a few years back.  People here were never as surly as the beach folk so Lafayette workers did not need as much retraining.  It's a shame that we need Obamanomics to help us get back to what our mothers taught us.  I hope when and if the economy improves we can continue to provide great service with high class manners.