There are over sixty restaurants that are participating in this year's Eat Lafayette Campaign.  The campaign started several years ago to remind people here what great local cuisine we have.  Food is major part of our culture, and each of the Lafayette businesses represented have something delicious to show off to customers.

Ken Romero and I had the chance to have an incredible lunch at Thibodoughs Breads and Bagels at 1519 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, and Ryan Thibodaux treated us like we had been invited to a feast.  He has a variety of bagels that are made fresh every single day.  He serves up plain, blueberry and asiago that are just scrumptious, but that's not all.  Ryan knows how to make an incredible sandwich on those mouth-watering bagels, and his hamburgers will make you want to go back again and again.

Ryan tells us that he was not always in to bagels, but on a trip to New York he and his wife fell in love with them.  He decided on that trip that he wanted to bring fresh bagels to Lafayette, and that's when they made the plan to open up Thibodough's.

If you're looking for a fresh breakfast, Thibodough's can serve it up and the same thing when it comes to lunch.  Every bagel, breakfast and sandwich is made fresh to order, and he loves to also bake bread.  Tuesdays through Saturdays you will get a delicious meal with a great smile to go along with it.  Want a great lunch special?  You will find it at Thibodough's! And don't forget, check out Eat Lafayette for information on great specials between now and August 15th.

Click below to check out our delicious visit and Thibodough's, and next time I am sure that we will see you there!