Congressman Jeff Landry says he and other US House conservatives have added a balanced budget amendment to the debt ceiling plan brought by House Speaker John Boehner. Landry says the amendment would require a ratified balanced budget amendment to be in place before the NEXT time Congress and the White House seek to raise the debt ceiling.

Landry says:

"By standing firm, we were able to get a bill that actually cuts federal spending now, caps future spending, and ensures a Balanced Budget Amendment passes Congress before the second increase is enacted. The American people have strongly renewed their November calls of bringing fiscal sanity to Washington. I am blessed to be a vehicle driving their wishes to fruition. A balanced budget amendment will finally force Congress to live within its means just like families across the country do. This plan is not a Washington deal, but a real solution to fundamentally change the way Washington operates."



22 Senate Democrats have previously expressed support for a Balanced Budget Amendment. A federal deadline to raise the country's credit limit is coming up Tuesday.