Preparing for Mardi Gras the Lafayette Public Works Department will begin deploying approximately 5,500 barricades this week. Thursday morning (2/5/15) crews will place barricades along the parade route from the intersection of Jefferson at Simcoe to the intersection of Johnston and Vermilion Streets. On Friday morning (2/6/15) barricades will be placed along the route from the Johnston Street - Vermilion Street intersection to Cajun Field on Congress Street. Barricades will be placed to allow for turning lanes and cross-overs. Saturday evening after the parade crews will move the barricades to the sides of the road to allow for cleanup.

The following week the procedure will be repeated through Saturday evening with barricades remaining in place through Mardi Gras day. At the end of the last parade on Tuesday, February 17, crews will move the barricades for clean up beginning at 11:00pm. Barricades will be removed from the sides of roads on Thursday, February 19th and Friday, February 20th.

The parade routes have been extended to Gate 2 at Cajun Field making the route 3.9 miles.