It's a debate as old as the game itself. What city has the best or worst fans in football? has compiled a map, using metrics ranging from the number of NFL and college football teams to average ticket prices, to compile a list of the "Best & Worst Cities For Football Fans". Quite a few Louisiana cities made the list, but one city makes it into the top 10.

Using "Teams Performance Rank" and "Costs & Fan Engagement Rank" among other factors, Baton Rouge lands at number ten on the list. Ticket price, team performance, number of teams, stadium accessibility and number of sports bars per 100,000 people were some other factors used to give Baton Rouge an overall score of 39.52 out of 100. That doesn't sound like a good score, but compare it to Green Bay which has an overall score of 66.55 and it's not too shabby!

Other Louisiana cities that received accolades are New Orleans with a score of 33.02, Grambling with a score of 32.78 and Hammond with a score of 30.03.

So, where does Lafayette fall on this list? Lafayette comes in at number 99 out 245 with a score of 28.31. So, looks like Lafayette is somewhere in the middle or slightly better.

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Source: WalletHub