A Baton Rouge man will face life in prison for killing three women.

A jury found 24-year-old Courtney Williams guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend and two others during a shooting rampage in 2011. East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore says he and the victim's family are thrilled with the judgement.

"We finally got him to trial this week," Moore says, "and the jury convicted him of all three counts of first degree murder. We were really pleased with the effort that the office made and with the outcome."

Just eight months after completing a juvenile life sentence for aggravated battery and forcible rape, Williams went into a Baton Rouge home and shot his ex-girlfriend, Clarissa Cobbing, and two of her family members. Cobbing had called the police multiple times in weeks before the shooting to report threats from Williams. Moore says he kidnapped her child and stole her car.

"It seemed to be escalating, some issues between the two of them. I think it was was the ex-girlfriend and he could just not get over that fact apparently. But it continued to escalate, she called the police on several different occasions," Moore says.

Moore says growing up Williams' nickname was "Psycho." He says right before the trial, Williams tried to intimidate the witnesses to the crime. Williams will be formally sentenced to life in prison at Angola on March 28.

"Two weeks ago, we intercepted a prison phone call where he ordered a hit on the one male witness for us as well as some of the female witnesses that remained on the porch and saw portions of what happened," Moore says.