Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie has submitted his letter of retirement, and today is reportedly his last day. It's not a huge surprise as Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome had said since she took office that new leadership was needed at BRPD in the wake of the Alton Sterling shooting.

She said Monday that Dabadie is an honorable man.
"He has served the people and the parish as police chief and many people appreciate his contributions to law enforcement," said Weston-Broome.

Weston-Broome was not able to fire Dabadie without cause as the chief's job is protected by civil service laws. But Political Analyst and Baton Rouge radio host Clay Young says Dabadie probably had had enough.

"And the back and forth had been going on for so long," said Young. "I think he met his required time to retire, and just said, 'It's time to move on.'"

Weston-Broome ran a campaign on the promise that she'd appoint a fresh face to the department that would help ease tensions between people and police officers. But Young says Dabadie is not a person who would be unwilling to try to work with anyone to try to make the city of Baton Rouge and the community better.

"He has never been the problem," said Young. "The discussion about what needs to happen going forward should be a lot more about process and outcomes, and less about emotion."

Weston-Broome said has appointed Lt. Johnathan Dunnam as interim chief, but says he will not be applying for the permanent position.

Dabadie's official last day of service is October 2nd, but he's using the rest of his leave time through that point.