Yesterday was the third anniversary of the beginning of one of the strangest things I have ever seen unfold on video. The sinkhole at Bayou Corne in Assumption Parish is one of those man made natural disasters that just boggles the mind. It started as just a few bubbles on the surface of the lake. Then came the strong smell of diesel fuel. Then things really got interesting.

It's as if somebody pulled a giant drain plug in the Earth's surface and all the water, trees, animals, shrubs, and anything else that was in or on the water just went right down the drain. The video depicted above was from August 21 of 2013. It shows just how quickly large trees and property were swallowed up by this sinkhole.

Three years later John Boudreaux, the Emergency Services Director for Assumption Parish says that most of the residents in the area are no longer there.

Of the 159 residents back then, there's only about 15 that remain.

Boudreaux  says the latest data indicates the sinkhole has only increased in size by about half an acre this past year. Authorities with Texas Brine, the company whose salt mine is believed to be responsible for the sinkhole suggest that over time the sink hole will continue to get larger.

Boudreaux told the Louisiana Radio Network that none of the experts are thinking there will be anymore dramatic events such as the one pictured in the video above.

It's definitely growing slower that it has over the past years, but those events have slowed down dramatically.

Still emergency services and officials with Texas Brine continue to monitor the sinkhole to insure the safety of residents that remain living close to the area.