The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is warning job seekers of an 'F' rating given to a local consulting company. Quinney Consulting Services of Lafayette has a local address but the BBB could not confirm the address. Complaints began filtering in to the BBB in late November and early December of 2015 from job seekers claiming to have lost through Quinney's job placement company. According to one customer Jeffery Quinney said he would place him in an oilfield job in Kuwait after receiving a $500 deposit to cover costs of a visa, background checks and other expenses. Quinney promised the fee would be returned to the client after the first shift being worked in the Mid-East. All contact was broken off after the payment and the client never received a reimbursement.

As part of their investigation BBB mailed a Standard Business Questionnaire in an effort to get more information from the business but has received no response.

For the complete BBB profile on Quinney Consulting visit the BBB website.