The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning to residents in Acadiana to avoid doing business with a Canadian-based online pharmacy company.

Robert Jones III, media specialist for the BBB of Acadiana, says Total Drug Mart has been advertising in area newspapers recently, but, he says, attempts to research the company's website have been unsuccessful.

"When the BBB tried to visit their webpage," Jones said, "virus protection software warned the site was 'dangerous' and a 'verified fraudulent page or (internet security) threat source."

The ad, which was published in a local daily newspaper, Jones said, says in small print that name brand drugs will be replaced with generic drugs wherever possible. That leaves customers "potentially unsure of what they will receive in the mail."

The ad also claims their medicines have lower prices than Medicare Part D, but Jones said those claims could not be verified.

Investigators at the BBB of Manitoba, Canada, have said Total Drug Mart is not a registered pharmacy with the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association and is not a registered business with the Companies Registration Branch in Canada.