Most businesses need a business or corporate checking account to pay out payroll checks or pay bills, and the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana wants to remind business owners to be very careful about their checking accounts.

The Better Business Bureau says that companies that print checks are protected more today then ever before from someone trying to make fraudulent checks, but as a business owner, you should always be cautious.  Why?  Well, many checks do not offer security features.

The BBB suggests that owners and managers consider taking advantage of any security features that might be offered.

They suggest:

  • Foil Holograms — multi-colored, 3-D hologram with specific identifying designs than cannot be reproduced by copiers and scanners.
  • Watermarks and visible fibers.
  • Multi-tonal pantographs that causes the word "void" to appear on checks and other aspects of the check to disappear if it is copied.
  • Complex background patterns that deter "cut and paste" alterations.
  • Some checks have micro-printed backs, faces and borders that are nearly impossible to reproduce with most printers.

It is very important to take advantage of any security feature you can, as the BBB points out that most banks don't offer business or corporate accounts the same kind of fraud protection that your personal account may have.

As always, the Better Business Bureau reminds managers to:

  • Always check their account balances
  • Make sure you look at each transaction
  • Keep your firewalls up-to-date
  • Keep your virus protections up-to-date

The BBB has another tool they have created by collaborating with two nationally recognized data security experts, Dana Rosenfeld and David Zetoony.

Here is their advice for business owners:

  • Initiate a "dual control" payment process with your bank and employees.
  • Have dedicated workstations.
  • Use robust authentication methods and vendors.
  • Update protection and security software.

Another good idea is for businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest scams operating in their area by signing up for the BBB Scam Stopper at