Home invasion crime not only has law enforcement worried, but the Better Business Bureau is very concerned as well.  The group issued a press release this week to remind citizens about how to properly protect their lives and property.  They did so after a serious crime in happened in Ascension Parish were three people were killed during the robbery of rare gold and silver coins along with cash.

They say the growing number of thefts and other crimes associated with coins along with precious metals has everyone on edge.  They add you must protect any valuable property including even collectible items.

They have several tips that they believe people should follow to keep their items safe:

  1. Use a safe deposit box instead of an in-home safe.  If a safe is used in the home, it should be heavy enough so it can't be easily moved or it needs to be secured to the floor.
  2. Don't be predictable as the when you visit the bank where your safe deposit box is, and transport precious metals in a neutral sealed container or briefcase.
  3. Be extremely careful about who you tell about your collection, how much it's work and where you keep it.
  4. Check your coin and collectables coverage of your homeowner's insurance policy.  List and photograph your most valuable coins.
  5. Don't store your coins and precious metals in your master bedroom or medicine cabinet.  That's often the first place thieves will look.
  6. Don't leave your collection out for children, workers or others to see them.  Many rare coins end up in vending machines due to the need or ignorance of others.

The Better Business Bureau also offers these other tips to prevent home robberies:

  • Don't let newspapers collect, your grass grow high or mail and ads to go uncollected.  These are all signs that you're "not home."
  • Have a trusted family member, friend or neighbor occasionally move any vehicles left behind when you are out of town.
  • Light up your premises at night.  An illuminated property is less likely to be burglarized.
  • Don't leave empty boxes from expensive purchases, such as flat-screen televisions and computers at the curb for trash pick-up.
  • Don't announce even weddings or funeral schedules on social media websites.
  • Don't put your alarm somewhere where it is easy to see if it is set.
  • Leave your TV or radio on when are away from your home.
  • Large and loud dogs are great deterrents to thieves.


For questions about businesses or other information you can check out the Acadiana Better Business Bureau website.