Former President Bill Clinton admitted he smoked marijuana at some point and but didn't inhale however Toronto, Canada Mayor Rob Ford takes rationalization to a new level.

Back in May allegations came out that Ford had been caught on video smoking crack.  At first Ford said there was no such video.  Then police discovered said video in the course of another drug investigation so the Mayor did a little crawfishing.  It was almost like an Emily Latella skit from Saturday Night Live when Gilda Radner would say 'never mind'.

So with the announcement that police had obtained the said incriminating video Mayor Ford admitted at a press conference that, yes he had smoked crack cocaine.  His justification for this serious lack of judgement?

There have been times when I’ve been in a drunken stupor. That’s why I want to see the tape. I want everyone in the city to see this tape. I don’t even recall there being a tape or video. I want to see the state that I was in.

So he admits smoking an illegal substance that is so addictive some people are hooked for life on the first try and he justifies it by saying he may have been in a drunken stupor!

The mayor later said he had nothing to hide.  Duh, it's on video!

Ford isn't the first to be nabbed on video.  Remember Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry?  He was busted in an FBI sting operation that netted him six months in the slammer.  Barry went on to win a fourth term as Mayor.

This is not Mayor Ford's first questionable behavior.  He was busted for marijuana possession in Florida in 1999.  At a street festival in August of this year Ford admitted to being 'hammered' and it 'was pure stupidity'.  On St. Patrick's Day in 2012 he was observed by City Hall guards having trouble walking and swearing at aides.  Mayor Ford was seen texting and making obscene gestures to others while driving.  Ford was also fired from his part-time side job as a volunteer high school football coach for making inappropriate comments about players and parents.

Mayor Ford sounds like an upstanding kind of guy that any city would love to have represent them doesn't he?  Nothing in the Toronto charter makes provision for removing the Mayor unless he is convicted so they may be stuck with him for a while.  Toronto Council Member Jaye Robinson say the Mayor needs to step aside and went on to say,

We have become a laughing stock of North America, if not the world.

Truly a sad day for our Canadian neighbors when the mayor of one of their largest cities thinks he can justify criminal behavior by pleading he may have been in a drunken stupor and won't believe he did the deed until he sees the video.

Mayor Ford can't be kicked out of office unless he is convicted and incarcerated I can only hope that police and prosecutors will act swiftly and successfully to remove this immature twit from office.  Just my opinion.