The Thomas family of Youngsville lost their house (and almost everything in it) to a lightning strike last month, and friends and neighbors are hosting a fundraiser to help them.

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Severe storms moved through Acadiana on June 27 with strong winds, torrential rains and lightning strikes, leaving many without power.  One of the lightning strikes occurred in Youngsville, setting the home of Dave and Roxeann Thomas ablaze.

The fire destroyed the home and most of its contents.  Neighbors, friends and family members are now coming together to help the Thomas family recover from the loss.

On Saturday, July 25, beginning at 4pm, there will be a sausage/chips/water sale in Youngsville at 203 Revere Drive (right across the street from the Thomas home).  The cost for each meal is $5, but other monetary donations are accepted (and encouraged).

We hope that you can take a moment to stop by and donate, or at least email M. S. Smith (one of the organizers of the event) to find out how to help.  The email address is

And if you are unsure if you'd like to donate, think about this: would you want to donate if it were YOU that lost everything to a fire?  It could happen to any of us, and it did happen to one of us: let's all pitch in and help take care of our own.