Today Walt Bennetti, political blogger from joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' and discussed recent comments by Senator Mary Landrieu concerning Obamacare and Senator David Vitter's pledge to shutdown the Federal Government to stop Obamacare.

Of comments made by Senator Landrieu in Lake Charles last Friday Bennetti said,

Senator Landrieu reaffirmed her continuing support for Obamacare.  She had some interesting comments.  She said, 'If I had to vote for the bill all over again I would vote for it tomorrow.  Then she said some things that made no sense to me.  She said 'people are scared when they're sick and they're stronger when they are well'.  Who writes these things?

Bennetti also questioned her response to the question 'What kind of healthcare do people need'?

She said, 'I think they need something they can afford'.  Don't these politicians read these things and listen to themselves when they're talking or have their comments played back to them.  How can you stand up in front a hundred or two hundred people and say things like that and state the obvious?  But she keeps getting elected.

When asked if he thought Senator David Vitter was serious about shutting down the Federal Government to defund Obamacare Bennetti replied,

Absolutely, at a town hall meeting last week Vitter said he supported a government shutdown and would not vote for any budget or funding bill that included money for Obamacare.  Other House and Senate Republicans, conservative Republicans have signed this pledge that says they would support a House continuing resolution that would continue paying our bills but they would not pay for anything that was related to Obamacare.  Senator Vitter signed that pledge as well as Senatorial candidate Rob Manes.  Bill Cassidy said he is being 'deliberative' about the matter.

Bennetti went on to say,

I personally think the threat of a government shutdown by Republicans over Obamacare is a pretty bad idea.  Ironically Dr. Charles Boustany from Lafayette agreed with me.  He said, 'Shutting down the government will hurt a lot of people and it will not stop Obamacare'.


Listen to the interview:

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